Konnect Guru

We provide best learning experience.

We aim to become India’s no. 1 leading Edtech Company. To build a community and platform for better Education.

Here we want to create a more suitable environment for Students and Teachers to communicate with each other.

Konnect Guru's main purpose is to help both students and teachers and help them grow and achieve their goals in life.

About Us

Konnect Guru is instituted by Rahul Nath, with a unique dream from his childhood. His dream was to bridge the gap in learning in tier2 and tier3 towns with the use of advancement and new technology. Konnect Guru is an Edtech company for both students and teachers. This platform helps both students and teachers to connect and communicate. Here they can share and learn about the various things one can do by communicating and gaining more knowledge from each other.

Konnect Guru will help teachers from around the world to connect with students. Helping them share their knowledge and allowing them to assist students who are in need of the help of a teacher. While doing so, teachers can generate income from this website. Further, the student will also have wonderful options to get a professional and knowledgeable guide or coach for both academic and professional courses. ORGANISATION will provide not only guides and a couch for academics and professional courses but also for ART/MUSIC/ENTERTAINMENT courses as well.

Here the students will not only grow their knowledge in the academic sector but will be creating their own personalities by learning what they love.

Our Story

Konnect Guru came to life because back in my school days, I desired to learn many new things as a hobby and to have some extra skills including my education. But there were too many obstacles back in the old days like there was no Internet everywhere in India. Further, where I live there were not many options for learning anything besides the basic education and tuition classes.
While in 2016, the concept of Konnect Guru came to my mind. But due to numerous reasons and circumstances, I didn't get the time and courage to begin a new journey for the Konnect Guru. At the same time, the competition in the field of Edtech was growing fast and many companies had already been set up in the market. These companies and organizations were creating their name for themselves. On the other hand, I was already too late to enter this field. But I was not scared of these things, as I had the courage within me to battle my insecurities to finally start a new journey in this field.
After many months of trial and error, and with a lot of effort I can proudly say that I am ready to go live with this platform. And I hope Konnect Guru will keep on growing and help as many students and teachers as much as possible. And I day become the top leading company in the Edtech Industry in India.